"Where've you been Delilah? Out back again with that no good boyfriend , Whistling Dixie?"
by Stephen McCormick February 15, 2015
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When a co-worker whistles nonstop all day long. And they are in close proximity to you.
Frank is so fucking annoying, he's been a regular Whistling Dixie all day.
by taintasaurus April 12, 2006
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A rimjob from a diesel truck's exhaust that results in a whistling noise (similar to the sound made when you blow across the top of a glass bottle).
Colton's butthole looks like he's been whistling dixie all night.
by Nursebilly December 2, 2017
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What you say to someone who's asked you to do something but there isn't a chance in hell you'll do it
Next time the lam line asks for some glass they can whistle dixie!
by Soulcide November 21, 2022
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the particular high achieved by taking mushrooms (more commonly refered to as "tripping shrooms").
when you trip on shrooms you whistle dixie, or you ARE whistling dixie.

(if you've done shrooms you understand.)
by FEvER PITCH April 16, 2006
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This is a Lesbian woman that is a closet dick sucker.
Despite her liberal Lesbian, yet butch conservative life style, this Whistling Dixie Chick loves to suck a good dick once in awhile. When the Bull comes out of this Bear, Shell gobble down your pleasure pig with so much greed, all the stock brokers on Wall Street will be jealous if they found out!
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 4, 2016
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