Let's go whiskiing on thursday, it's supposed to be daylight in the morning and afternoon.
by Shortsy May 12, 2011
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Also known as the Whisky a-go-go. This is a night club where The Doors and Led Zeppelin first started to hit it big. Located on Sunset Blvd in LA, Ca.
by JakeLandis August 23, 2005
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the answer to all lifes problems.
my lifes so shit rn idk what to do.
have some whisky!
by killmenow2020 November 16, 2020
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facebook code: I'm a single woman but with friends that won't stop partying.

see Whisky
on facebook:
Sarah: Whisky!
Jane: what does that mean?
Sarah: I'll explain later.
Richard: can you explain to me too?
Sarah: no, its an inside Girl thing.
by jojoplay December 11, 2010
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Alabama Whisky is a term utilised to describe the act of an incestual blowjob, typically from a sibling, though certain dialects also include cousins as potential recipients of the Alabama whisky. The individual receiving the oral sex is the one giving out the Alabama Whiskey. It's just as smooth as Tennessee Whisky, but a bit more controversial on the international scene.
Guy 1: I heard you gave your cousin Megan some Alabama whisky.
Guy 2: you mean my wife?
Guy 1: same thing.
by FurriesDiscriminateToo December 1, 2019
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When a woman is so drunk, she can't have an orgasm.
Kristen was having a hard time cumming because she had whisky clit.
by ValkoBlack May 4, 2014
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1. a dick that's been jerked off so much and so often that it can no longer ejaculate during sex.

2. over training of the male reproductive system.

3. whisky is distilled from a beer like ferment. whisky dick is invoking the fact that both whisky it's self and whisky dick are a more potent version of their original nature. whisky through distillation whisky dick through way too much masturbation.

(note even though someone with whisky dick cannot ejaculate during sex they may still be extremely virile as they tent to produce precum more easily, which also contains sperm cells)
whisky dick
1. my boyfriend rocks me all night long but he never cums in me.

2. girl, don't even worry about it. it takes me 30 minutes to an hour at 40mph to blow my load.

"note. all previous entries that speak of erectile dysfunction are just mean spirited nonsense and are actually talking about drunk dick."
by WordRepoMan November 13, 2012
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