I think he had whisky dick, because slept downstairs in his girlfriend's apartment after getting back from the bar.
by The Return of Light Joker July 11, 2009
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the act of doing something so outragious it makes u take a step back and re evaluate the situation
dude when we hit those whoops at 50 in the truck we were getting whisky.
by mx399 June 23, 2008
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Maddie's Dog
Can't decide shit.

We named our dog whisky lulu
by 420BigWillyMan69 February 18, 2019
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a northern cocktail made from whisky and wine
Adrian was enjoying a whisky mac in his pervert coat
by Spontaneous Inflection November 24, 2016
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noun: what a guy gets if he has had to much to drink or too much "nose candy."
"when we got home last night, i was so ready to throw him down and hop on top but no such luck--he had whisky dick."
by is that really necessary? March 11, 2003
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the liquid stool that comes out of your butt, after a ruff night of drinking.
oh dude! i just had a bad case of the "whisky squirts" this morning.
by bot 6 April 15, 2007
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Used by military guys to used for code for dirty whore
dude, we got a delta whisky on our hands
by csullivan123 April 9, 2010
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