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5 definitions by JakeLandis

Also known as the Whisky a-go-go. This is a night club where The Doors and Led Zeppelin first started to hit it big. Located on Sunset Blvd in LA, Ca.
by JakeLandis August 23, 2005
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One of the two common strains of marijuana. The plant will be very tall and skinny. The high from a satvia strain will be more active and giggily.
I think satvia strains are better than indica.
by JakeLandis August 23, 2005
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A strain of marijuana. The cannabis plant will be smaller and stoutier. The high you get from an indica strain is more or a couch-lock high.
Opposite of satvia, which is a more laughy, active high.
by JakeLandis August 23, 2005
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The "new" way of referring to July 7th, 2005, when London was hot by terrorists. People in London seem to think that it should get it's own date, because, of course, this was on the same scale of 9-11, give or take a few thousand deaths.
No one will care about 7-7 one or two years from now...
by JakeLandis July 10, 2005
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A place to borrow books for free. It is not pronounced "lie-berry"
"Hey, I am going to the lie-berry!"
"You're pretty retarded"
by JakeLandis August 23, 2005
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