A term for extra good sex.The best sex ever. Not your average run of the mill sex but sex with a really hot woman that last an extra long time and your blown away by it.
I need some sexual whisky.
by Judge dredd7 May 15, 2011
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to breastfeed while drunk.
A couple shots of whisky tits always makes the baby sleep through the night.
by blackoutc May 3, 2009
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longer than normal erection and climax time due to alcohol in a man's system.
I was trying to cum and get this overwith, but I had whisky dick.
by carmen February 10, 2005
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So drunk (having only drunk whisky) that one is temporarily blind.
"I was whisky-blind last night, staggering home at five."
by Schopenhauer-Lowell November 4, 2013
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Group of fine gentlemen who sip on good tasting whisky and proceed to look down on anyone who isn't drinking whisky

Popularized in Austin, TX
Look at that dude drinking grey goose, he's not party of the whisky boys

Did the whisky boys really just handle that bottle of Blue Label?
by WhiskyDrinker February 24, 2014
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A bearded tall fellow who; when he consumes alot of whisky; becomes very egotistical and thinks he's write. A whisky nick is hilarious to be around if you are drinking whisky too, be sure to feed him often and roll cigarettes for him.
He was pretty 'whisky nick' last night
by puma duma March 25, 2011
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A shot or glass of whisky with a shot of cum in it
She drank down the whisky pearl with a satisfied smile
by Whiskylover April 22, 2016
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