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1. The attempt to emit digestive gases from the anus, when such emission were attempted to be both covert, and were discovered only because of their faint "whiff"-like sound or because of the traditional stink of flatulence (Noun - Canadian English).

2. A Canadian toot, somewhat muffled by ski pants.

3. A hot, gross, and possibly wet fart (in Canada, usually common in the Ontario Province)

Note: Whiffer is an onomatopoeia - created from the sound that forms the first part of the word, either by one's mouth or by their anus
Cheryl's nose tweaked and brow furled in disbelief as Fred whiffered in public.

Terrance and Phillip are much to brash to whiffer.
by HeathRA January 05, 2018
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When a guy has ejaculated so often, that all the comes out when he cums is air.
After that Viagra fueled weekend with those two hookers, I ended the weekend by pulling a whiffer
by empty_pants April 12, 2009
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A flute, most likely because of the breathiness of a flute's sound or the chuffing sounds favored by many jazz flutists. Mainly a jazz musician's term.
JEric Burdon and War had a mean whiffer on "Spill the Wine"!
by pentozali April 16, 2009
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