adj. sub-par, an update of "Busch League". Nationwide now sponsors the lesser Nascar and PGA events, making it the premier flagship company of everything that underachieves
Guy: That movie sucked.

Other guy: Of course it did. The actors were all Nationwide.
by maverick994 August 28, 2011
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A person who is uber-fanatical about another person, place or thing
"That guy I met on Friday never called. I guess he just wasn't nationwide on me enough."

"I can see your boss is real nationwide; he didn't even thank you when you came in to work on your day off."

by The Anna-lator November 3, 2003
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is on your side
marky:someone help! im getting robbed!
nationwide:im on your side!!
by fantastic mr.amazing August 16, 2012
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"jiggle jigfle pop my hips love to rock okay swing left swing right my weave in tight hu yah hit em with a boom dynamite hu yah wedgie in my booty feeling tight hu yah" or "nationwide is on your sidee~"
by Lonely Trash Can November 22, 2016
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The nonexistent gang, all the the wiggers in Hazleton claim to be a member of. Sometimes shortened to "Nationwide."
hazletard: I'm in da Nationwide Thugs, yo. I'll cap your ass.

human: Does the Aryan Brotherhood, now except wiggers? That's the prison gang that runs the white section in state prison. That's were crackers like you go, when you keep this act up into adulthood.

hazletard: Watch your mouth fool. Nationwide will fuck you up.

human: Thanks, for all the footage of your terroristic threats, for my new cellphone. Enjoy prison, biznitch!

hazletard: I'm sorry. Don't call the police. I just act like this, because I'm a loser.
by Hazletard-in-Chief December 10, 2010
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A jingle for most of their commercials on tv for Nationwide Insurance. This usually plays at the end of their commercial along with their logo. This can be snuck in with singers singing it, or a piano doing the instrumental version
by FallenXP December 9, 2017
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