Noun: Being two people at the same time you are being one.

Noun 2: Two people who are so amazingly alike they morph into a single entity. Generally, these people are soulmates for life.
Girl: See those two girls over there? I think they are in love.
Boy: No shit, they are wheez!
by kaylacleavage May 08, 2010
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The sound you make when your laughing so hard that you can't really breath or make so you're just sitting there like a dying seal
by Kelly de bitch June 06, 2018
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When you laugh so hard that you just make breath noises. no laugh comes out, just air.
Tammy: *says funny joke*

Karol: *laughs so hard only a wheeze comes out*

Karol: YES
by trump is the best February 22, 2018
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When you laugh so hard you start to wheeze.
Somebody says something so funny you laugh to the point of wheezing. It is also something that happens during asmtha attacks
by KingofLingo May 06, 2018
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The kind of laugh that sounds like a man that is dying because he smokes too much.
After her friend sent her a meme, she started wheezing of laughter and her parents came up to her room because they thought she was dying but no, she was just wheezing.
by uh noOB December 21, 2018
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(Wheeze) is the most common line in the internet series Buzzfeed Unsolved. Typically, it is Ryan who is wheezing but Shane can be seen in yellow doing the same at times.
Shane: I'm jumping, I've jumped, I've landed.
Ryan: (Wheeze)
Shane: SHARK.
by MusicalTrash☆ February 17, 2019
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