One of the mighty questions that begs to be answered. What da dog doin? Why da dog doin it? Where da dog doin it? When da dog doin it? Where da dog doin it? How da dog doin it? Why are you here? Why are you reading this?
*Literally anything happens*
Human: What da dog doin?
by Whatdogdoin January 25, 2022
A phrase used to ask why a dog is doing a certain action. This can also be used for humans, by inserting their name where “dog” is.
What da dog doin?” “He is exploiting the working class.”

What da nick doin?” “Fuck you”
by SusAmogus😩 October 6, 2021
When the dog has done something rather mundane and forces a annoyed reaction from the common folk.
*dog does something silly*
Person: “What da dog doin?”
by ThiccNigga26 July 1, 2021
No one knows what da dog did but all we know is that its annoying af
by Nig285372 June 6, 2021
"what da dog doin" is a verbal term that has been used over the centuries. It is a genuine question asked by generations of people targeting the question of what is the hairy medium sized animal doing. It is a sentence we might not know ever what it is doing but smart people like Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkings and many more are still in confusion of what the dog is doing.
"ay lemme get one too" "my man right there" "what da dog doin"
by Jerry McDonald December 12, 2021
Slang for bestiality (is used on the sacred (nh) site or any site that has bestiality porn)
A: *watches bestiality porn on computer with headphones*
B: *sneaks up* What da dog doin

A: *visible panic*
by Adlamung October 3, 2021