Another way of saying "whatever" to provide added emphasis showing that you don't care.
by blarghvierdes July 21, 2010
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It can be used to ways. You can use it if you don't now what to say or you can use it if you don't care.
Eric: You're a fuckin lesbian junkie crack whore!
Girl: What ever!

Friend: Can I borrow your CD player?
You: What ever...
by Saint Nikki January 6, 2005
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The word you say over and over when you want to get on someones damn nerves.
Person: You are a fucking asshole!
You: Whatever
You: Whatever
Person: Stop you asshole! You're so annoying!
by Strange Little Girl June 25, 2004
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If your are being dised by some one and you have no come backs say what ever!
Pedro V:Ross your so freaking gay!
Ross B:Yeah WHAT EVER!
by Pedro May 30, 2003
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what homosexuals or women say when they dont know what to say
by harry pothead July 26, 2003
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1.saying you refuse to talk to someone because they are fugly, and stupid.
get away geek i mean what-ever
by sparky March 3, 2005
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