One who has an infatuation with pk, or an oblong chair.
Move that Corky Wharton, it's in the way of the television.
He is a Corky Wharton.
by Webster December 29, 2004
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bit of a twat tbh
Hi Sam
Hi jabba
That Ruby Wharton is shit at valorant
by suckyomuddasiuu December 28, 2022
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The act of being force fed sausage and alcohol while playing board games
I feel awful, I was thoroughly Boyd’d and Whartoned last night…
by HugoIrish January 10, 2022
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A hot short feeble skinny man who has a thing for girls and always gets rejected.
He eats chocolate logs and is a stick.
Girl 1: Have you seen a Joel Wharton over there?
Girl 2: I Know. I rejected him
by IMAPIECEOFPOO November 18, 2019
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Max Wharton, also known as the “fuckrat” or even the “throatfuck”, is a non gender identifying being who pretends to go crazy when you call his name. Another prep fag who talks shit but would die in a fight with any Gonzaga kid. While deceivingly charming at first, it’s only a matter of minutes before he attack’s. Basically a huge faggot who tries with every girl and fails
Rudrey Ayes-“where am i? Why are the walls black”
Fuckrat-“welcome to my cave bitch
Rudrey Ayes-“why are you playing lil uzi in the background max Wharton ??”
by Zagarunthadmv December 31, 2018
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