A heterosexual individual who appears homosexual or camp, however is in denial .

Whammers are only official after the discovery of a wham cd in there collection.
Luke you look like such a Whammer. Get out of those jean shorts or at least grow a moustache.
by Carlton Jr May 7, 2011
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What some people call Dominic’s penis when it is erect
Is he about to pull his dick out

(Dominic pulls his dick out)

Wooah look at that whammer?

That guy jus smacked her face around with it right here in the beach
by Choke em N stroke em April 28, 2021
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Mate 1: Dude, did you see the whammers on that?

Mate 2: No mate, gutted.

Mate 1: nods to himself knowing he is the lucky one
by Chump Change October 11, 2005
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A wad of chewing tobacco placed in the lower lip and, therefore, making the chin
into a cashregister-like shape.

Aka: Whamchop, Packing a Lip, Whamburger, Whamdoddy, Whamasaurasrex, Fat Lip, Whamathorn Rodney, Throwin
a whammer, Darryll Strawberry, Darryl, Dipping, or "doing chew"

A-Dude, anyone got a whammer?

B-What the fuck is that?

A-You know, chewing tobacco!

B-Ohh, you mean a whamdoggy?

A-Same shit.

by Dquizzle February 19, 2009
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Large breasts that have the propensity to wham together during physical exertion.
Look at the size of them whammers!
by Skillo December 2, 2017
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Whammer is a term that refers to rejects, particularly of the goth or punk variety, as well as emo-kids. It is an appropriately derogatory term for geeks that adopt any of these social stereotypes in an attempt to fit in to a group. A common behavior of their kind is to scare people out of picking on them by acting like they might shoot up a school or shopping mall.
It is interesting to note that though whammers consider themselves the opposite of mainstream people, their groups are actually more cliquish than many other groups. Further one of the defining features is trying to look as much like each other as possible while claiming to be unique or individual.
This is exhibited, most visibly in their hairstyles, almost always dyed black or red. Also in their mode of dress which is usually thrift store or hot topic shirts that are way too tight, studded belts, and extremely tight jeans.
Also of note is that sexuality is very hard to determine, as the males and females of the group appear nearly identical, and even the non-homosexuals exhibit many homosexual traits.
The normal habitats for whammers include the mall: around hot topic or the food court. Also gas station and strip mall parking lots, and wherever the "scene" (bad local punk rock concerts) is.
These people are generally just failures at life and should be regarded as such.
the weird kids at hot topic actually think they are cool, what a bunch of whammers!

Man there is no one at that party except a bunch of whammers.

You want to see a whammer? google image search the word emo.
by DDDDRRREEEWWWWW December 26, 2007
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