When you take a pinch of chewing tobaco or a pouch of chewing tobaco and put it in your mouth. You then accumulate large amounts of "dip spit" in your mouth. You then spit it into a bottle (spitter) or on the ground depending on where you are. This will give you a "buz" until you do it too much and then you need it for the nicotien. Kids don't try this at home you need to be 18 to buy/use tobaco products.
Yo Chris remember when you packed a citrus pouch in liptown dude.

Ya dude i love packing a lip in liptown.
by The Tree7635 August 23, 2009
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to take a pinch of skoal or cope
Dude, save that cup, I need to pack a lip
by Chris Luca January 15, 2005
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having chewing tobacco
or chewing on chewing tobacco
- Yo you pack lip
- Ya son Im chewing that tobacco right now.
by JePz FUCKIN OVERDOSED November 29, 2007
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Going to pile your lips with dip(smokeless tabacoo)

Skoal.de got some for sale!!! by some now!
Are you going to pack a fat lip tonight?

or, I am going to pack a fat lip!
by I don't want to tell you February 22, 2005
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The action of packing your lip full of dip. This must be a large amount of dip to be considered a fat lip.
Southerndipper88: BRB packing a fat lip full of Copenhagen dip YEE YEE

Christiangamer67: Save me a pinch
by Sovietpizza March 19, 2018
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Packing lips is when you get lip injections, like the people in Jersey Shore
Those Jersey Shore people are really packing lips. WTF?
by LewsCorner October 9, 2020
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