The god of all men. Has the ability to kill all of his opponents with the singel swoop of his trash can.

He speaks for the trees and helps out Hercules. He is the new leader of this land, he is god almighty, he is Danny DeVito.
Danny DeVito is god of this land we all shall bow down to our lord.
by Skelecool July 19, 2018
Only the sexiest man alive. With one cold stone stare he'll have you on your knees! To some boomers he is not sexy but to Gen Z he is the hottest guy around. He is able to destroy his enemies with one foul swoop of his Cobblepot cane.
Girl #1:Wow isn't that guy hot!
Girl#2: Yeah, but not as hot as Danny DeVito!
by Purplepinkgamer November 30, 2019
Danny DeVito just blessed me with his all holy power.
by Danny The Microwave April 26, 2019
Our Lord and savior of Hollywood. Danny DeVito is the man who will one day save the world.
Danny DeVito is better than Keanu Reeves
by RandomBish July 26, 2019
(n.) In the 10-cup, "Beirut" variation of Beer Pong, the Danny DeVito is a re-rack called at 4 cups in which two vertical rows of two cups are placed adjacent two each other, offset along the gaps.

Also known as the "2-2 Offset" in lamer circles.
When it comes to 4 cups, you always go with the Danny DeVito
by TheLoudestFan April 22, 2009