Ilan a sweet, loving guy. Very faithful to his girlfriend and wants the best for her. He has a very nice smile and sexy arms. He will go out of his way for anyone and his cute hazel eyes brighten the room. Stubborn at times but you will still love him.

I love my Ilan.
Like a 3 pointer made by Ilan to win the world series for the lakers.
by ilan322 June 22, 2011
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Ilan is a very hot person, he's an amazing boyfriend and gets a lot of pussy.
Girl: WHOA, whos that guy?

Guy: That's Ilan.

Girl: He's so hot.
by yes104 December 9, 2020
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¹Ilan's are special people that only come when you're really ready for them. When you've gone through what you've needed to go through. They're cute and shy but very much independent and in control of their lives which is supper attractive. They're determined people who do what they need to do and get it done. Ilan's only share themselves when they really want to and that makes them special. They don't throw themselves at you and when you have them you can be really lucky. An Ilan is a best friend or boyfriend for life. They're really understanding and forgiving and there's not much you should worry about with them around. Always keeping you safe, happy, motivated, prepared and cared for. For a Boyfriend Ilan.. You never have to worry about not feeling loved.

²being Ilan means to be of very good quality.
That boy right there... He's an one of a kind one and only Ilan kind of guy.
by Jaybae1014 February 6, 2019
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Ilan is a typical Israeli name. it means Tree
Ilan first name Peer surname

אילן - Hebrew fonts
by ilan peer August 15, 2018
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An illustrative word describing high performance.

A slang word often used to mean high quality.

Sometimes used to mean someone who may be stylish or dapper.
That boat is beautiful, its definitely got Ilan.

That vodka is the 'Ilan'.

That paul smith jacket will make you look like an 'Ilan'.
by tuefox February 24, 2009
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Ilan is a very handsome man. Ilan loves to hang out with his friends and he is just a really good person to vibe with. Ilan doesn’t like to be sad or like when his friends are sad. Ilan is nice but if you make him angry like he is in somewhere like a class and a teacher keeps picking on him for no reason he gets mad. Ilan is down to be with anyone he just wants a healthy and loving relationship. He wants to be able to hold hands or cuddle with anyone. Ilan is the main character he is the type of person that will come to school with a horse ilan is a really friendly person he likes to make friends with anyone even if he doesn’t know you. Ilan doesn’t like when someone doesn’t like him because he wants to be friends with everyone and when they don't like him he feels sad. Ilan is a very emotional person most times he hides his emotions but when he doesn’t he is probably crying :C Ilan has a lot of panic attacks because he is realizing this might be his last year. Ilan really wants all his friends to stay cause they r all going their separate ways and he wants them to stay with him. Ilan is broke(like no money) to the 🦴. Ilan tries to provide for his friends and get stuff that he wants even if he has no money. Ilan tries to get close to his friends even though they don't really hang out with them. Ilan friends request stuff from him and he try to provide it even with his brokeself. You should not make ilan mad even though ur his friend cause he will not forgive you.
Ilan dropping his self somewhere

Ilan: It's time for you to go

Friend: Yes it is

Ilan: Hugs? *Hugs*

Friend: *Hugs back*

Ilan: Love you <3

so basically date or make sure ilan is ur best friend
by Ilans BF September 22, 2021
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Hot ass dude how has normally 5-10 girls at a time. Very nice dude
by Yhvtr September 27, 2018
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