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A non-Slav white person hiding among other Slavs. They are easy to spot by a lot of things such as: dislike of vodka or/and kvass, not eating shelled semechki, and squatting with his feet not being flat to the ground
Boris: What are you doing blin???
Vadim: I'm squatting cyka. Now bring me vodka.
Boris: This is not true squatting pizdec!!!!
Vadim: (pulls out unshelled semechki and eats it)
Boris: Get out you Western Spy!!!!
by i hate sjws February 25, 2018
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what would a soviet call you in public in the middle of moscow to get you immediately arrested and sent to gulag
-What a fuckin commie ugh!
-u blyat western spy !
by StaliNahui January 13, 2018
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