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A member of one of the Slavic-speaking peoples of eastern Europe.
Serbians, Bulgarians. Russians are all Slavs.
by Cool Guy June 04, 2003
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Drinks vodka, squats, wears Adidas, listens to hard bass, and are complete savages... What more could you ask about a Slav?
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by minimutson YT February 27, 2019
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A person ethnically belonging to 1 of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo etc. No one knows much about their origins but they spread in 4 directions. Although they differ they do share attributes such as similar languages, looks and personalities. Many Slavs are good-looking, some especially in Russia and former Yugoslavia have mixed Asian/Turkic/Nordic blood.
Journalist: Roman Abramovich shows the will of a Slavic man
Russian: Abramovich is a Jew
Journalist: No, he's Russian
Russian: Ok, whatever...
by Kralya October 14, 2006
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Slavs are a race that existed since the ancient times. The name "slav" came from the word "slava", which means glory.
Slavs rule a big part of the world.
by Za dom spremni August 24, 2005
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A group of people originating in the Dnieper area. The 'Dnieper river' runs through Ukraine.
They spread as far east as the Urals, as far south as the Bulgars, as far west as Slovakia, and as far north as Siberia.
They can be seen with the highest Slavic % of blood in areas near central Ukraine, unlike places such as Yucogslavia where they integrated with mediterranians and turkic peoples.
It is said that 300 million Slavs live in Europe, with many of them migrating to western countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, ect. during the past 2 centuries.
In these places, a Slav is generally very proud of their background and language, but they are known for their good-looks, with some exceptions.
Slav In a western society: a normal person (generally attractive with high cheek bones and a firm brow), someone who is intelligent, and generally a little too proud or stubbourn.
by Sascha1243 February 24, 2008
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a person, usually from the eastern Europe that drinks vodka and is really savage. He is often a part of a gang. He is often kinda poor and has money only for cheap food etc but knows how to party and how to throw a good party. He is very friendly and loud, but often can be rude and inappropriate.
"Who is the vodka jumping guy"
"oh thats Srdjan. Hes on that party. Thats a real slav"
by aleksaizdaleka June 02, 2020
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