A Vadim is a handsome russian boy, that every girl dreams about.
Mostly he has turquiose eyes and an amazing body.
People admire him for beeing smart, sexy and having a great personality.
If a Vadim doesn‘t know you well, he might not talk a lot, which makes him a little mysterious. But when you get to know him, you will realize fast, that he is a funny an caring person. His friends love to hang out with him.
Vadim likes to party and is often found on the dance floor with a drink in his hand.
Even though he is extremely hot and every girl feels attracted to him, he is seeking for real love.
Once he has found his girl, he won‘t let her go and will treat her like a princess. He is a classy guy: true, honest and loving. Unfortunately, that also means, that he can be very jealous. Although Vadim is a friendly person, he wouldn’t hesitate using violence to defend those he loves.
People would kill to look like him, still he‘s very self-critical, sometimes even insecure.

He is a thinker. He worries a lot and struggles with taking things easy.
A Vadim is a smart and ambitious person. He has dreams and pursues his goals.
Nevertheless he can be lazy.
„Wow, how‘s that guy called, everyone is starring at?“
Don‘t you know him? Thats Vadim!“
by SmartBart May 7, 2020
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The gopnik neighbour who steals your sausages and burn your fuses by using capitalistic power tools.
"Blyat vadim stole all my sausages! Cyka blin"

"Comrade, keep an eye on vadim, i think he is stealing the sparkplugs from my lada"
by CouchTatoe May 11, 2020
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Vadim is the source of all western spies and western propaganda trying to infiltrate the slav world. The only one who can save us from Vadim is Boris Slav King.
Slav 1: Oy blyat! Someone stole my mayonaise!
Slav 2: It must be Vadim!
Slav 1: Vadim blyat!!
by Obunga and Gröni February 10, 2022
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A common name for Russian/Belarusian men. Vadim is a man that is a strong russian gopnik, He is always getting into trouble or scheming to do something devious. If you see someone selling questionable products outside the apartment block that may or may not be stolen, It's probably Vadim. When babushka starts cooking her famous soup with carrots, potatos and meat, Vadim will be climbing up the block stairs to check out the smell. He usually wakes up in the evening time with a chug of vodka and a bite of sausage. He then will proceed to hang out around the apartment block entrance smoking and drinking with other gopniks until sunset. He is the truest form of a gopnik.
I had a bottle of vodka that I sat down and now it's gone! It's probably that damn vadim stealing shit again.
by flaccidpancake66 June 18, 2019
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Intelligent, Handsome, womanizer, funny guy who likes to twitter to his friends. Full of jokes and will ask anyone anything you'll dream of.
Hes a Vadim guy
by GSparrow October 10, 2011
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Vadim is an old Slavic name, it comes from "vedet", meaning to "attract" and "possess". Other meanings include "a powerful ruler" and "the knowing one".

Thus it comes as no surprise that modern-day Vadim is able to attract other people to him like a magnet. And he does so not through charisma, but by being an honest, genuine, smart,cool, easy-going, generous, handsome and classy man. He is typically blond, and has blue eyes. Also, unlike most eastern-european men, he is actually able to dress himself quite well. In fact, he's got so much class and style that he is sometimes referred to as "the russian James Bond." The ladies love him, not because his game is strong, but rather because he is usually not a player.
Bianca: Whoa, who's that cute blond guy over there?
Yusef: That's my friend Vadim, great guy. Want me to introduce you?
Bianca: THE Vadim?? I've heard so many good things! For sure, let's go!
Yuself: Cool! Oh, aaand I think that's his girlfriend over there.
Bianca: What? Aww man! Lucky her!
by veeayar August 6, 2017
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