The central western part of London. Known for its famous theatres, music and culture.

I.e. Piccadilly Circus is in the West End.
Are you going round the West End?
- Yeah going to see a play on Shaftesbury Avenue.
by Urban Incentive May 13, 2018
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That part of Boston where that rich whiteboy you know lives.
Look at the kid from the west end, his parents probably own a benz.
by Yung Ukrainian September 23, 2016
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The place where the white guy lives. The west end is the area of Ottawa west of Whoreleons. According to Rollands, the west ends is "100 years" au dessous the dark sides(any area in Ottawa not the west end). If you see a Mikes Pizza, Turners Broder or Rollands on the tops of the hill, you are not in the west end.
Hey white guy! Eyes be for to go to the West End, to Carlingwood todays too meet my buddies!
by Baby Sasquatch December 1, 2004
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Despite being in the same city, this place is like a different country from Glasgow's east end. Where the population of homosexuals, english people, posh people and people who ride bycycles outweighs that of the east end tenfold. A place which frowns upon things which are acceptable to do in the east end, e.g spitting in publc and drinking beer from a can. People here also display behaviours which are alien in the east. This includes, 2 grown men sharing umbrellas, and wearing dress shoes out in public without socks. The residents here are also significantly better off than the working-class eastenders, and so they send their children to a variety of private schools in the west so that they feel more important. People from Edinburgh feel more at home here due to the preference of strange sports like rugby instead of football. Eastenders feel out of place in the west due to the significantly different dress sense and drinking habbits, not to mention they must learn a new language by discarding their east end dialect to speak propper english.
An eastender jumped on a number 62 bus heading to the West End of Glasgow. On arrival he took one look at the place, and went back home.
by xndrh1 December 5, 2010
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The West End of Providence is mostly Potters Ave and Cranston Street till you're in Cranston, which you can tell by the Cranston Police Headquarters right there.
Anyone who grew up in the West End, knows the community center on Buckland street, hittin place to grow up at. West End's team is The Intruders, they get things done. Usually outsiders stay clear, outta West End, cuz it's "the ghetto" its cool though. No one really cares.
Tourist 1: "What is there to do in Providence West End?"

Person from the West End: "We can play basketball at the community center, or dodge bullets. Take your pick."
by daBIGGestman February 18, 2009
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When you see the eggs come out of the milk carton onto the grill you start feeling some typa way, a way you can only feel while inside West End Dining Hall. Some might get West End Wood when walking by the female cooks with beards, it’s just got you feelin some typa way. Just like when the worker tells you can’t take a gallon of milk to-go so you reply with “Is it your milk?” Once again it’s got you feelin some typa way, a way you can only feel when you’re inside West End Dining Hall. Newbies might get West End Wood when the drink machine says out of order and in reality it’s working perfectly fine shooting out exactly what liquid you want to have to drink with your nice West End meal, my first experience with West End Wood involved this situation. Lastly experienced vets might get West End Wood by walking in sitting down at their table enjoying a fine cuisine and having someone walk up to you and start dancing in front of you, some would say this is very epic when in reality this the true ultimate hardest, biggest, longest West End Wood that you will ever experience in your life.
GUY 1: “Bro why you got a hard on?? There ain’t no baddies in here”

GUY 2: “Bro them chocolate milk eggs out of the carton got me feelin some typa way”

GUY 1: “You must have a case of West End Wood”

Example 2:

Worker: “I see you’re taking a lot of milk to go… You know you can’t do that right?”

Person: “Is it your milk?”

Worker: “No” (Thinks to himself: Why does this man have an erection?)

Person: “Well I’m not gonna stop”

Worker: (Thinks to himself: He must have a case of West End Wood)
by pussypulverizer69 March 2, 2022
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the popular guys in long beach new york. all of them are hot. most of them play hockey and surf. they have hats. they have a call.. "yeeeeeeeo"
sometimes spelt, "yeeeeerro"

west end wombats
by wombat groupie. January 4, 2009
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