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The central western part of London. Known for its famous theatres, music and culture.

I.e. Piccadilly Circus is in the West End.
Are you going round the West End?
- Yeah going to see a play on Shaftesbury Avenue.
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by Urban Incentive May 13, 2018
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That part of Boston where that rich whiteboy you know lives.
Look at the kid from the west end, his parents probably own a benz.
by Yung Ukrainian September 22, 2016
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The place where the white guy lives. The west end is the area of Ottawa west of Whoreleons. According to Rollands, the west ends is "100 years" au dessous the dark sides(any area in Ottawa not the west end). If you see a Mikes Pizza, Turners Broder or Rollands on the tops of the hill, you are not in the west end.
Hey white guy! Eyes be for to go to the West End, to Carlingwood todays too meet my buddies!
by Baby Sasquatch December 01, 2004
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