Pop/Emo band from Seattle, WA. Started by Jordin Silver. Named after the place where Jack the Ripper killed his victims.
Have you been to The East End's show?
Heck yes I have
by east end girl July 25, 2006
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a place in little rock ar where it is da bobmb and ghetto
by rachel December 27, 2003
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The chaviest end of leeds, full of wannabe road men acting bad with their cigs, a wkd tracksuit and some nike toe bangers, council estateeee, might see a few needles, eep foreverrr.
you from east end park blud? your gonna get shanked down them ends.
by eepchav November 29, 2018
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East end rat is the lowest of life forms. Typically works from Kansas City to Jefferson City Missouri for the Union Pacific Railroad. Usually back stabs and dings him or herself into better work or onto deadheads from work trains. Mostly work extra boards but also prevalent in pool turns.
"Damn did you hear what Thad did! How you going to screw your brothers like that! What a East End Rat!"
by NTA29 July 7, 2016
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Quagmire: Imma tear that pussy up
Louis: Do it like peter, fuck from the back, Imma East End Girl
by Brebre Sanaa January 14, 2014
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When you coat your finger in coffee grounds and shove it up her ass.
You should have seen her face when the percolator finished and I gave her the East End Eye Opener.
by Snooplumptylump February 18, 2017
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