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When a male shaves his pubic hair into a solitary vertical line, leading down to his penis.
john: Dude, how's it hangin'?
Jason: Not bad man, shaved myself a Jayboy, its kinda itchy.
by xndrh1 January 10, 2009
Despite being in the same city, this place is like a different country from Glasgow's east end. Where the population of homosexuals, english people, posh people and people who ride bycycles outweighs that of the east end tenfold. A place which frowns upon things which are acceptable to do in the east end, e.g spitting in publc and drinking beer from a can. People here also display behaviours which are alien in the east. This includes, 2 grown men sharing umbrellas, and wearing dress shoes out in public without socks. The residents here are also significantly better off than the working-class eastenders, and so they send their children to a variety of private schools in the west so that they feel more important. People from Edinburgh feel more at home here due to the preference of strange sports like rugby instead of football. Eastenders feel out of place in the west due to the significantly different dress sense and drinking habbits, not to mention they must learn a new language by discarding their east end dialect to speak propper english.
An eastender jumped on a number 62 bus heading to the West End of Glasgow. On arrival he took one look at the place, and went back home.
by xndrh1 December 5, 2010
A reward for a person holding a private party or drinking session. It happens when, in the aftermath of a party, booze brought by other people is left at the person's house and the host picks it up and keeps it for their own use later. It can be seen as a kind of tip for the host of the party although in most cases it is just left there because the original owner has forgotten about it.
My house was pretty wrecked from that party on saturday. But there was a healthy Booze Profit: 5 Buds, half a litre of vodka and a few sips of Sambuca
by xndrh1 December 13, 2010
A hybrid taken from the word "hairdoo" meaning hair style and "chop" meaning cut. A doo chop is basically a haircut, usually needed for a guy with long hair
wow that guy needs a doo chop soon
by xndrh1 May 25, 2009
A term used to describe a character in a Shakespeare play as "notable". However others portray this description differently as a man who is podgy or overweight
You are a rather portly gentleman aren't you?
by xndrh1 April 12, 2009
To rub an eraser up and down the back of your hand 99 times, leaving a noticable red mark. Usually performed by kids under the age of 12
jason: Hey what's that on your hand?
Callum: I was doing a 99er
by xndrh1 January 9, 2009
This occurs when you buy something only to discover that you could have got it cheaper somewhere else. Usually adding insult to your being as well as injury to your wallet
Ah shit, I got this dvd for £5 and now its here for £3. I hate cheap shots!
by xndrh1 July 28, 2009