Weirdcore is an online style that can envoke feelings of: Nostalgia, Uneasiness, Confusion or disorientation.
Theres quiet a few sub genres for it as well eg; dreamcore or kidcore.
“That person is dressed in a weirdcore style and their outfit makes me nostalgic.”
by Cheese man supremacy! November 3, 2021
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A genre of aesthetic that bases itself on concepts like nostalgia, derealization, surrealism, disorientation, and disassociation. This aesthetic is sometimes depicted with "holy" imagery, playing into the senses of comfort or uneasiness depending on the viewer. It also displays a variety of bright, sometimes epileptic, color schemes. Visual representations of these scenarios are either created to express discomfort and/or eeriness, depict nostalgia referencing to common childhood themes (ex, kidcore, playgrounds, toys...) or simply to follow a strange trend. This concept is associated with liminal spaces regularly as well. For a better idea of what it is, there are many references that you can find on TikTok and Pintrest ^^
Person 1: I've been getting into Weirdcore. It seems to speak to me in a way.
Person 2: That's cool.
by Lien Drawing March 16, 2022
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An aesthetic that usually consists of object heads, forgetfulness, The back rooms, and somewhat unsettling pictures. If u want visual examples search up weirdcore on tik Tok and pintrest!
Person 1: omg I found this tik Tok that helped me find my aesthetic look! *shows bideo*
person 2: omg u like weirdcore too?!?! Me too!
by n0t_Ash December 31, 2022
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Weirdcore Is A Style Where Its Yknow... pretty weird like weird, Style Mostly Found In Roblox Games, Weirdcore Has Eyes, Rawmeat, Playareas, bugs, characters with a eye as a head, wings, and characters with alot of eyes a well, Weirdcore Also Has Mushrooms And Black Goop With Eyes (kinda reminds me of bob from fnf) Its A Style Thats Very Popular.
Dev 1: So What Style Should Our Game Be?

Dev 2: Maybe Weirdcore?

Dev 1: Sounds Awsome

Player 1: You Heard Of Joival Playground?

Player 2: What Is Joival Playground?

Player 1: Its A Weirdcore Game

Player 2: Oh Okay
by MyLifeSukz :( May 7, 2022
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A style that is focused between dreams and reality. Weird core can be commonly be know for flying eyes,object heads,and its dream like style.(and more)
Person 1: Have you heard of weird core
person 2:yea, why?
Person 1: just thought you would like the style thats all.

a style
by Kiwiincakes July 9, 2022
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Biblically accurate angel fetish. See also the fetish for frogs, Frogcore (if you are into frogcore then stay away from frogs you fucking creep)
“Omggg biblically accurate angels and weird fuzzy grass are so hottt
“Tf is his problem”
“He’s into weirdcore, that’s his problem”
by CurledPawsAndStuff November 2, 2022
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A subcategory of liminal spaces but instead has strange things, often humanoids with eyes for heads. It normally has a warning with the video that has weirdcore due to it potentially having derealization thoughts because it normally says the reality you’re in isn’t real in the videos.
“Damn this weirdcore thing is really causing me to have a mental breakdown
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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