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The worst movies to exist. Especially the Christmas movies. all hallmark movies are the same and you probably won’t enjoy them unless ur a sad, lonely, 30 year old who can’t find love. Everytime my mom watched one I want to commit crimes. Though, this is only my opinion.
Your mom:i love hallmark movies!
Me:yeahhhhh no. Give me ur husbands number and get out.
by n0t_Ash December 31, 2022
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Scary. Never state your controversial opinions on this site unless you want a box of spiders at your door (the spiders at your door is a very dramatic result of what could happen. Also very not likely)
Someone:”I like *insert controversial cc (content creator)”
Some idiot Stan on Twitter: “Your address is ________________. I hope you break ur arm. Anyways go *insert some Stan shit*
by n0t_Ash December 31, 2022
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Me:What day is it?
Someone: November 16- why-?
Me: November 16..? *flashbacks*
(Btw if u don’t like dsmp just ignore this pls don’t start stuff <3)
by n0t_Ash November 16, 2021
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An aesthetic that usually consists of object heads, forgetfulness, The back rooms, and somewhat unsettling pictures. If u want visual examples search up weirdcore on tik Tok and pintrest!
Person 1: omg I found this tik Tok that helped me find my aesthetic look! *shows bideo*
person 2: omg u like weirdcore too?!?! Me too!
by n0t_Ash December 31, 2022
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Currently, calling someone “emo” is used as an insult. Half of the time the person isn’t even emo.
Some kid in my class: “emo
Me who’s only getting called emo bc Im wearing chains: 🧍
by n0t_Ash December 31, 2022
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