A term used to describe alcohol and weed. Also used as a term to ask someone if they are shitfaced or high.
“Are you off the goop boss” and “You got any goop for tonight mush
by Bigdonwithdefos March 27, 2020
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A product line by Gwenyth Paltrow that takes the worst of essential oils and Crystal healing to create a completely new highly overpriced snake oil targeting middle class moms worldwide. Heavily criticised by celebrities such as JonTron, while loved by celebrities like Oprah.
I absolutely could not live without my psychic vampire mist from goop!
by Zip zoom September 25, 2019
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This word can describe numerous things including homosexuals, other goops or even kings. It’s the type of word you can just say for any reason. It’s also a word you may want to scream in public
Person 1: GOOP!
Person 2: King!
by PU55Y5LAYER69 December 11, 2018
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Goop or Goopin means to turn up, drink and have fun
Out wit my niggaz tonight goopin!
by The ratchet April 3, 2013
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To refer towards someones intelligence which isn't quite up to par given the situation.
Corday's A "Goop" For Being So Late To His Own Birthday Party.
by Daprophet Stakillen' December 25, 2007
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1.)The Large underchin of a human being,
2.)When someone cups the flabby,large underchin of a human being, and lets go.
I just got gooped by Zach and Dan. They are assholes
by LelouchGeass January 21, 2009
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To unexpectedly poke someone in the lower stomach or kidney area with ones index and middle finger.
"O snap, you just got gooped"

"He just gooped me"
by Dictionarax February 4, 2010
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