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A photo/place that triggers otherworldly feelings, normally it is nostalgia and/or feeling unnerved.
“Something is a little off of this place, it’s feel like it should be an everyday hotel but it feels like a liminal space.”
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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A fictional dimension from the popular Netflix original Stranger Things. The upside down is where the Stranger Things monsters live.
Person 1: “hey the other day I walked through a strange portal like thing and it seems like I entered a whole new dimension!”
Person 2: “sounds like you entered the upside down
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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A subcategory of liminal spaces but instead has strange things, often humanoids with eyes for heads. It normally has a warning with the video that has weirdcore due to it potentially having derealization thoughts because it normally says the reality you’re in isn’t real in the videos.
“Damn this weirdcore thing is really causing me to have a mental breakdown
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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A creepypasta about an infinite office place with monsters looking for you. You supposedly go there if you noclip reality. The backrooms is commonly mistaken for having multiple liminal spaces in the backrooms however the original creepypasta never states this.
“I just fell through the floor and all I see now is office spaces, have I entered the backrooms?”
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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A subcategory of a liminal space were instead of a normal liminal space it is more abstract and supposed to represent dreams. Dreams are normally bright, strange, which work well with liminal photos because it still gives you a sense of nostalgia, and also a sense of dread since it might remind of a nightmare. This subcategory of a liminal space is often mistaken for weirdcore.
Person 1: “Wow this liminal space looks like something from my dream!”
Person 2: “Well that’s because it’s a dreamcore image!”
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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