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A genre of aesthetic that bases itself on concepts like nostalgia, derealization, surrealism, disorientation, and disassociation. This aesthetic is sometimes depicted with "holy" imagery, playing into the senses of comfort or uneasiness depending on the viewer. It also displays a variety of bright, sometimes epileptic, color schemes. Visual representations of these scenarios are either created to express discomfort and/or eeriness, depict nostalgia referencing to common childhood themes (ex, kidcore, playgrounds, toys...) or simply to follow a strange trend. This concept is associated with liminal spaces regularly as well. For a better idea of what it is, there are many references that you can find on TikTok and Pintrest ^^
Person 1: I've been getting into Weirdcore. It seems to speak to me in a way.
Person 2: That's cool.
by Lien Drawing March 16, 2022
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A mainstream internet icon. Originally from the hit indie game Undertale and getting a cameo in Deltarune a few years later, Sans is a lazy, pun-loving magical skeleton of unknown origin. He is also fat (how? Don't ask me idk either) and loves ketchup??? Also he grew a reputation of getting a insane amount of fangirls over the years (especially in 2017-2018). If you mess with his brother Papyrus, you will have a bad time.
by Lien Drawing March 16, 2022
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