An aesthetic containing red text,eyes, black boxes,and surreal images
And is common in cursed images
person: weirdcore is a good aesthetic.
by EmoPinkElephant February 16, 2021
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weirdcore is a popular aesthetic on the internet, usually containing images that make you feel nostalgic, strange, or perhaps in a dream-like stance. weirdcore images usually contain mushrooms, eyes, etc. weirdcore images can leave you feeling unsure, like a road leading to a black square. what’s inside? weirdcore songs include songs taht leave you wondering what the lyrics meant. popular weirdcore song artists include, jack stauber, sodiken, etc. weirdcore has other “cores” like it, for example, kidcore or dreamcore. dreamcore is like weirdcore, but worh more of open skies, etc. kidcore can include things that make you feel nostalgic- like glitter. thanks for reading :)
person 1: hey, what’s weirdcore?
person 2: weirdcore is an aesthetic including mushrooms, eyes, and other stuff that makes you feel weird, nostalgic, or in a dreamy feeling.
person 1: woah, i like weirdcore!
person 2: hope i could help :)
by YOUR MAIN SHAWTY February 16, 2022
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Weirdcore is something centered around things that are out of the ordinary


Currently, the exact origins of Weirdcore are unknown, but may go as far back as the early 2010s; It has recently been determined that the earliest Weirdcore edit with a confirmed date of creation was made in 2017, but there could be earlier examples out there that remain unknown.

The genre started to pick up popularity when a YouTuber by the name of DavidCrypt uploaded a video explaining the Weirdcore aesthetic. Whilst there are popular Weirdcore creators, it is often hard to find the most popular or the origins of the content and creators, as most current Weirdcore content is uploaded to Tumblr, which doesn't show follower counts.


Soup 0.9 OST
Yume Nikki OST
Earthbound OST
Half-Life and Portal series OSTs
Petscop OST
Aphex Twin
Boards of Canada
Ørdop Wolkenscheidt
Answered Prayers OST
.flow OST
GARAGE: Bad Dream Adventure OST
Eastern Mind OST
Rain world OST
Space Funeral OST
Limbo OST
Yume 2kki OST
Soup 0.9
Yume Nikki
Yume 2kki
LSD Dream Emulator
Roly-Poly Nanakorobi Yaoki
Eastern Mind
The Museum of Anything Goes
I.R.P. Intelligent-Rackety-Paradise

my friend leilani is weirdcore. <3
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