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A history or alternate history fan who is firmly entrenched in the belief that Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht was the best military in history, without a single flaw. Effectively, a Wehraboo is any obsessive Wehrmacht fanboy/fangirl who doesn't like historical facts getting in the way of his militaristic fantasies. While not necessarily, many Wehraboos can become Nazi apologists. The clichรฉ of German Techwank can be a common fetish for many Wehraboos.

Based on the similar-sounding term "weeaboo" (a catch-all definition for Japanophiles).
He's convinced that German WW2 pilots were the greatest pilots of all time.

Yeah, don't mind his nonsense, he's a Wehraboo.
by Faggotron 9000 September 19, 2014
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A person who is absolutely obsessed with German WWII culture.

Erwin from Girls und Panzer.
Wow, Hans is such a Wehraboo.
by Nivvity May 06, 2018
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