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A history or alternate history fan who is firmly entrenched in the belief that Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht was the best military in history, without a single flaw. Effectively, a Wehraboo is any obsessive Wehrmacht fanboy/fangirl who doesn't like historical facts getting in the way of his militaristic fantasies. While not necessarily, many Wehraboos can become Nazi apologists. The cliché of German Techwank can be a common fetish for many Wehraboos.

Based on the similar-sounding term "weeaboo" (a catch-all definition for Japanophiles).
He's convinced that German WW2 pilots were the greatest pilots of all time.

Yeah, don't mind his nonsense, he's a Wehraboo.
by Faggotron 9000 September 19, 2014
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A person who is absolutely obsessed with German WWII culture.

Erwin from Girls und Panzer.
Wow, Hans is such a Wehraboo.
by Nivvity February 16, 2018
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That one person in youtube comment sections who really likes to go on about the superiority of German militaria during the second world war, even though they are completely incorrect. This fucking twat thinks he's right no matter what, and is the sort of cunt who does not enjoy the sound of logic or facts that contradict his own "Knowledge". These people think they are History Buffs, but actually just play War Thunder and Heart of Iron 4, because that's where "REAL" history is found. Respective similar types of Wehraboos (but actually know their shit) are:
That's no Nazi! That's a Wehraboo!
That Wehraboo thinks the Konigstiger was the best tank of the war! Cunt.
by Lieutenant Blackadder February 24, 2019
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