A history or alternate history fan who is firmly entrenched in the belief that Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht was the best military in history, without a single flaw. Effectively, a Wehraboo is any obsessive Wehrmacht fanboy/fangirl who doesn't like historical facts getting in the way of his militaristic fantasies. While not necessarily, many Wehraboos can become Nazi apologists. The cliché of German Techwank can be a common fetish for many Wehraboos.

Based on the similar-sounding term "weeaboo" (a catch-all definition for Japanophiles).
He's convinced that German WW2 pilots were the greatest pilots of all time.

Yeah, don't mind his nonsense, he's a Wehraboo.
by Faggotron 9000 September 19, 2014
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A person who is absolutely obsessed with German WWII culture.

Erwin from Girls und Panzer.
Wow, Hans is such a Wehraboo.
by Nivvity February 16, 2018
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That one person in youtube comment sections who really likes to go on about the superiority of German militaria during the second world war, even though they are completely incorrect. This fucking twat thinks he's right no matter what, and is the sort of cunt who does not enjoy the sound of logic or facts that contradict his own "Knowledge". These people think they are History Buffs, but actually just play War Thunder and Heart of Iron 4, because that's where "REAL" history is found. Respective similar types of Wehraboos (but actually know their shit) are:
That's no Nazi! That's a Wehraboo!
That Wehraboo thinks the Konigstiger was the best tank of the war! Cunt.
by Lieutenant Blackadder February 24, 2019
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Someone who takes an interest in Nazi Germany, particularly the armed forces, to the point of obsession. Often refuses to listen to any criticism or sources that counter their point of view.

While there aren't a set of universal traits, a few themes will crop up:

1) A belief that the German Armed Forces had superior technology, were better trained and had better doctrine than anyone else during WW2.

2) A belief that "The wrong side won the war." (NOTE: this is a little rarer than the other points)

3) Will blame Hitler's defeat on factors beyond the Armed Forces control; even if said factors have been disproven multiple times.

4) Will become extremely defensive/angry when presented with evidence against their point of view.

6) Takes most of their information and "sources" from the History Channel, tank/ship/plane based combat games (eg, War Thunder) and Podcasts on the internet (eg, Dan Carlin).

In rare cases, this can escalate into Fascism, often becoming openly racist and anti-semitic. This group is often full of Holocaust Deniers and Holocaust Approvers, frequently parroting "historians" such as David Irving and "politicians" such as Richard Spencer.

However, Wehraboos can be cured if spotted early; mainly through the use of factual evidence and well-researched arguments. Education is key, many are just misinformed and are often happy to listen to others when presented with good, nuanced arguments.
Person 1: The Wehrmacht was innocent in the war; the SS was the only group committing war crimes.

Person 2: But we have archived documents, battle reports and eye-witness accounts that say otherwise.

Person 1: But...but I saw it on the History Channel. It's true, my Wehrmacht grandpa told me so!

Person 2: Just because one person thinks that it doesn't mean it's true. Jesus Christ, you're such a Wehraboo!

Person 1: I'm not! I just think the wrong side won the war!
by Pwysch May 11, 2019
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A fanchild of the Wehrmacht, the Wehraboo views World War Two from a view objective in terms of who the morally superior side was, and simply likes the Wehrmacht out of personal preference, and may like Erwin Rommel. Some are Nazi sypathisers, but they may also hate the Nazis and believe that if Rommel or someone had overthrown Hitler in a coup, then they would've won the war and that the Nazis were responsible for Germany losing the war. They may believe might makes right, and that none were mightier than the Wehrmacht.
Wehraboo: I'm not a Nazi, Rommel should've overthrown Hitler and continued the war!
Sensible person: Oh great... a wehraboo.
by it wath ich October 8, 2020
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Complete and utter sperg incels desperately pretending that being edgy will compensate for being social rejects and failing to breed.
Lmao how do Wehraboo's even cope with being as pathetic as they are?
by The Cold Brutal Truth September 15, 2022
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A person that is to (nazi) Germany what a Weeaboo is to modern Japan. In particular, they hold early-mid 1900's German weapons, vehicles, culture, architecture, pornography, etc upon a pedestal of unreasonable proportions.

For example, a typical Wehraboo will attribute Nazi Germany's loss in the second world war to the late adoption of the Sturmgewehr 44 or some such (rather than any fault of its leadership/ideology) in the middle of an otherwise normal high school conversation.
No, you fucking Wehraboo, the Gewehr 43 was not better than the M1 Garand. Not by a long shot.
by Booz McGroove February 14, 2022
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