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'Sperg' is both a verb and a noun. It's almost always used for Internet purposes, and to sum up, it pretty much means a person with Aspeger's (or perceived to have it) that gets so dramatically passionate about a subject to the point where it's greatly aggravating to everyone else.
Some people find it offensive, others think it's the perfect term to describe their Asperger's. It'll all a matter of preference.
Dude, are you seriously going to point out every last difference/downgrade with the newer Transformers cartoon? Man, you're such a sperg!

Don't even mention Optimus Prime to Robert; he'll sperg out and will drone on about the history of his design for three hours.
by Ainrana September 19, 2013
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To wax obsessive on a subject of interest. Often to the point of annoying those around you.
Mac 'sperged about his favorite video game so much that his wife who has never played it can tell you the plot.
by Sheyona August 27, 2013
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a. When someone gets all fussy about how details get overlooked or if something makes no sense, like someone with Asperger's Syndrome

b. A tantrum about a percieved injustice, a la someone with Asperger's
Jay sperged about how different the Harry Potter movies were different from the books, and got thrown out of the theater for disrupting everyone, then he called and complained to the theater about how they were so mean to him.
by Koko H. January 04, 2010
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an aspergers person throwing a tantrum

to have an infantile shitfit about something completely arbitrary
He got banned from the IRC channel after sperging at the admins D:
by GenericPirate June 05, 2009
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A term often used to describe an Asperger person who is known to throw tantrums and get dramatically passionate about a certain thing, much to the annoyance of others.
I once knew an autistic guy who fussed over the smallest details in a movie. He was a good example of a Sperg.
by RedWerewolf November 19, 2018
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A super neat-o swamp/magical land that is perfect for doing anything illegal behind the cemetery Rest Haven in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Coooolguy: Hey man, want to hit up Sperg later? I got some Earl Sweatshirt, and DAAAAMN dat shit is potent.

RageQueen: AW SHIT MAN, let's go to Sperg NAO.
by Berfaknee April 04, 2011
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