You have cancer.
You: it hurts when I poop.
WebMD: you have colon cancer.
by CheetoEater July 24, 2017
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The ultimate internet resource for compulsive hypochondriacs.
My stomach hurts and WebMD says I might have colon cancer. Well, it must be true.
by Peter W-N July 11, 2008
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My kidney hurts, I think I will WebMd it

I am WebMding my aching back.
by aweman January 11, 2010
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A website that either grossly exaggerates or under exaggerates diseases.
Person 1. I have a slight cough.
Webmd. You have cancer

Person 2. I have a huge brain tumor
Webmd. Ah you just have a common cold it will pass in like a week
by Mr. Dick cheese February 24, 2021
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when you become paranoid because webmd matched your symptoms with an incurable disease, usually cancer.
guy 1: whats wrong man? you seem to be acting like your about to die
guy 2: i have a headache that has been going for weeks and when i looked on webmd i apparently have a brain tumor
guy 1: you just have a case of webmd paranoia
by wangodango March 30, 2012
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the act of going to webMD everytime you have any ailment.
person: "my arm tickles... but why!?!?"
hypochondriac: " dont worry, i webMD-ed it, you have cancer"

skank: "i webMD-ed why it hurts when i pee and it turns out i have an std."
other skank: " hey that ryhmes. but oh sorry, i feel for you..."
by E. Ann October 21, 2005
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WebMd for realz is the go too for all medical definitions. Especially wood deprivation.
WebMD for realz proves that withdrawal and/or lack of wood (aka wood deprivation) is a real and debilitating disease that can only be cured by RAW.
by Dr. Tams March 17, 2015
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