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Wdw- is ‘why don’t we’ a band that people have started to adore, a famous band- check out their new ep invitation, avaliable on iTunes
Wdw are the best
by leolol October 24, 2017
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WDW... aka “ Why Don’t We “ is a band. You’re welcome.
WDW come up with a better band name or at least a better story to say when an interviewer asks Jack how the band name came to be... ~ ig/whydontweboi

WDW is my baby
by Official medias @joannxlowe November 01, 2017
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an acronym for the expression: "Whatever, dude. Whatever."

Used to express contempt.
Nate: Where were you for so long?
Chris: I was banging your girlfriend.
Nate: WDW.
by Chris April 16, 2005
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Similar to the above, but should be noted that it is most often used in IM sessions for shorthand expressing disregard for a previous statement, or malcontent for the others actions or neglect.

This has also been ported over to speech, where you can say the laters as written, or more easily expressed by saying "Dub d dub".
In person -
Nate: Chris, you are a blatant homo.
Chris: And you like it.
Nate: Dub d dub.
by Nate April 18, 2005
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