‘Why Don’t We’ is the most fantastic band there possibly is. They are all soooo hot, talented, and they have angelic voices.
That band Why Don’t We is amazingly talented
by Angels April 1, 2018
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Why Don’t We is a band, not a boy band but A MAN BAND. They all have amazing talent, all growing up in different parts of the States. The members are Daniel Seavey, Hack Avery, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, and Corbyn Besson. These boys were friends before the band was formed on September 27, 2016. Since the time they have started the band to now they have released 5 eps, 3 major tours (last tour they went to Europe), gained 3 million followers on Instagram, signed to Atlantic records, toured on the jingle ball tour last Christmas, got a song written by Ed Sheeran(Trust Fund Baby), made 2 major music videos while in Europe with 12million+ views and finally they are about to release thejr first album on August 31 after they go and finish their last tour “the invitation tour” in Asia and Australia. This is all in the span of 1 year and 11 monthes.
Why don’t we say these boys are something different and they are always taking you somewhere just to see you smile and talk:)
by SeaveyDaniel August 10, 2018
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Why Don’t We is a band consisting of 5 members, Jonah Marais (aka Hoenah), Corbyn Besson (aka corb0ne), Daniel Seavey (aka tooth gap), Jack Avery (aka Noodles), Zach Herron (aka rosey cheeks). Jachary is a couple from the band (Jack Avery and Zach Herron) and if u don’t stan Jachary, we must kill u. Why Don’t We is hot af. Limelight is their fanbase, some are real some are fake as plastic on ur chest, but mostly we’re very real and true. SOME LIMELIGHTS SWERVE ALOT AND CANNOT STAY IN ONE LANE!
Why Don’t We is hot.
by Fartface_8letters September 16, 2018
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An American boyband made up of five beautiful and talented boys who go by the names
of Daniel Seavey,Jack Avery,Jonah Marais,Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson. I would even go as far as saying these boys may become the new “One Direction” because they have so much talent that it makes me sick.
“Damn,those Why Don’t We boys are talented. One Direction who?”
by ChloeMcm December 24, 2017
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why don’t we is an american pop boyband formed on Sept. 27, 2016. the 5 members of this man band are Daniel James Seavey, Corbyn Matthew Besson, Jonah Marais Roth Franztich, Jack Robert Avery, and Zach Dean Herron. Corbyn, Jack, and Jonah toured together, preforming for a little over 100 people. Daniel was on season 14 of american idol, and made
it to the top 12 finalists. Jack also auditioned for american idol but he didnt make it. zach’s viral video exploded all over the internet, which gave him the title “stiches boy.” Jack, Jonah, Corbyn, and Zach all met up in LA to sing together. there sound was good but it wasn’t quite perfect. jack ended up dming daniel inviting him to join. while they were jamming out, someone suggested they should form a band- their response was “Why don’t we!” and that’s where the name
came from. these five boys bring so much happiness to so many Limelights. they’re all so individually talented, yet sound perfect together. they bring so much joy. the way they sing through their smiles just goes to show how happy they are being together. only 3 years and they’re already selling out arenas with hundreds of thousands of fans. they’ve toured almost the entire world including the US, Europe, Canada, and many more. all of their music has hit #1 on itunes charts. their recent song, hit the charts within 30 minutes of release. these five boys have come so far within these three years. i am proud, and always will be proud, to call myself a limelight.
“Did you hear Why Don’t We’s new song? its amazing!”
by limelightcv February 26, 2019
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A man band consisting of five extremely smexy men named Jonah, Daniel,Corbyn,Zach,and Jack.
Limelight: I LOVE WHY DON’T WE!!!!!!!
Human: What’s that
by Ava da bean May 5, 2019
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