Overcharging for something. Used interchangeably with “taxing
“$50 for a haircut? Damn they’re waxing
“You paid $70 for this? Aww, they waxed your ass.”
by proverbialpete February 23, 2021
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Drinking Alcohol on Script Medications

Wine/ Xanax - WAX'in
U wanna wax up before we hit the club?

Yeah bored as fuck lets just wax it up at mine

No cash this week bro ill just be waxing with my girl

I was waxing all day yesterday and have no idea how i ended up there!
by Frizzesh February 28, 2011
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to wax a girl is to shag her over the bonnet of a car
i waxed this girl on the way home from the pub on some chumps beemer
by P.Albone (Nox Noctics) October 6, 2003
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Can be used to refer to masturbating or to a person being stupid. (aka douching it)
Johnny was playing gta and waxing it hard.
by SHANAN3G3NMAK3Rs February 19, 2015
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A highly concentrated form of THC, similar to Hash, that is a waxy substance and smoked to get high
Hey I scored some Wax lets go blaze it up
by Drog65 January 6, 2014
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Weed product that is needed for the dab rig. An avetard is obsessed with this because he knows he will enable him to hit the rig. Once an avetard obtains wax, the boys will most likely use that shit up within 3 days and will need to get more.
Norman "Nick"'s pothead ass bought $200 worth of fucking wax and locked it up in his room and then he would sell dabs to the rest of the avetards if they wanted to use his wax.
by TurnM3Up May 4, 2020
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ok actually on wax reffers to anything recorded in a recording studio. (a throwback to when records had wax grooves)
yo, man, i wanted to kill these nigga's but decided to keep the beef "on wax". Let em hear it in the street!
by 66curtis October 21, 2005
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