A term usually used in fanfictions like ____ x reader. Y/N means "Your Name". So you would replace y/n for your name.
So lets say the sentence was

Jackson (yes wang): oh hey y/n, wanna come to my party this weekend?
Y/N: yeah sure!

You would read (ima use Emily for example)

Jackson (yes wang): oh hey Emily, wanna come to my party this weekend?
Emily: yeah sure!
by one of the many kpop stans August 3, 2020
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Y/N is a cursed character, in every fan fictions has these Y/N, which means, "Your Name".
"fuck Y/N, you're super tight.."
by Soyara February 17, 2021
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Your Name - usually used in fan fictions so that you are the main character
"Y/N!" lindsay called, "where are you?"
"be right down"
"we're gonna be late Y/N!"
by thenewcanaanlife February 16, 2013
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There are 3 types of y/n and ONLY 3

1. The annoying pick me girl-
This bitch is so fucking sassy and rude for no damn reason. Like someone will bump into her and she will literally like bite their nose off. She also has a daddy kink. And she screams “YEET” like every two seconds. She thinks she’s quirky with her messy buns, leggings, and crop tops.

2. The shy uwu girl(god I hate saying that fucking word)-
She literally cannot stand up for herself for SHIT. She will most likely break out in song in front of the entire school. She wears girly dresses to dates. She has daddy issues. She can trip over air and the entire world will come to save her. The definition of this fucking emoji🥺

3. Realistic and gender neutral-
You can actually relate to them because they match your train of thought. Not some plastic personality. ANYONE WHO WRITES LIKE THIS PLS MARRY ME
1. “YEAH YEET” y/n screamed because the hottest guy in school looked at her for .2 seconds.
2. “This is not you! Hey, look at me. It’s me🥺” said y/n.
3. “If you touch me I’m actually going to kick you in the balls.” Said y/n.
by Kirishim4.cos April 27, 2021
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A nameless character meant to be a self insert for the person reading and usually found in ______ x Reader fanfics

Usually stereotyped to be a “quirky” girl with messy buns and a huge daddy kink. Female Y/N is known to be annoying, stutters a lot, extremely stupid, and extremely horny

(Yes there are NB and male Y/N’s)
Character: “Y/N, do you want to come to my room tonight?”

Y/N: “O-o-okay m-m-maybe l-later t-tonight 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺”
by Falsewasthere June 25, 2022
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Sometimes used in fan fictions for abbreviating “your name
It can also stand for yin, An amazing name.
Person: Hey y/n
Yin: my names yin
by rachaelr August 21, 2018
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She is meant to be you, but with an messy hairstyle and that goes always to starbucks until the day that she met Harry Styles on it.
"Wow, you are so Y/N"
"I want to be Y/N!!"
by ramudxs September 22, 2020
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