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When you and you're partner are amidst "doggie style" sex; right before you cum you pull out and push your partners head and shoulders off the bed onto the floor. Your partners back now is sloped from the bed to the floor. You splooge on your partners back and decide to ride it down like a waterslide.
Mark - Damn Lisa why do you have a bruise on your forehead

Lisa - Me and my boyfriend were having sex and he waterslided me! And my back hurts too.
by Chocolate-Grizzlie April 21, 2009
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The act of cumming on a girls back after fucking her doggy style with her head shoved down. Then you proceed to slide down her back, ending with your ass and balls on the back of her head.
I did a reverse water slide on your girlfriend last night. She had a brown streak leading all the way to her mouth, where I slowly messaged my balls into her eyes.
by CtrlZ October 21, 2008
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When a ball rolls down someone's leg to the foot and still manage to kick the ball in the process. This is term is mainly used in one touch one bounce.
Mate that was a nice waterslide that round in One T one B
by Jon defines March 10, 2018
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