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The state of the male sex organ in which it is huge but not actually erect. Usually just before or after erection when it hangs down impressively inflated but not hard. Also known as a "Big Soft."
I'm glad I had a "Water Dog" instead of "shrinkage" when I had to drop my pants for that hot nurse.
by MartialV December 04, 2007
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A waterdog is a penis that is "semi" or "begining to become" erect.
I started to get a waterdog thinking of Ali and Ro, they are delish.
by D-burger January 22, 2007
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Racist slur for someone of Portugese decent that that can be applied to the the thick dark uncontrollable hair that the individual may posses like their prized breed of dogs. Can also be used as a slur against Portugese in general.
Matt you fu*kin Water Dog you should be embarrsed of yourself you son of bitch.
by Bobby Bker July 09, 2010
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also, water puppy.

A salamander. Supposedly, people in the southern U.S. would eat breaded salamaner and if they refused to eat it they wre told to refrain from speaking. This is how context in which water dog was used, became the route word for Hush Puppies.
sterotypical immature girl: eeew that water dog just touched my leg.

Girl's father: That salamander will not harm you.
by Light Joker June 21, 2004
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any person or persons that spend a quantity of time in a pool atmosphere, and exhibit egotistical tendencies to compensate for PPWTS(permanent pool water testicular shrinkage).
M. Avilla
by w. Igger November 11, 2002
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