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It is a regional highschool with kids from the towns of watchung, warren, greenbrook, and longhill. They basically own at every single sport and beat ridge at everything besides for when basking ridge illegally recruits individuals to their basketball team (cough pitt cough) The kids that go here are usually spoiled and rich; but they are also classy. Something basking ridge people know nothing about. WHRHS is known as the school not to mess with because everytime there is a fight with another school and them they always come up as the victor. Kinda like at the watchung hills vs ridge hockey game in 2008. Warriors knocked out many Red (green?) Devils in the matter of seconds. Watchung Hills runs Somerset County. Everyone is just jealous of them.
Ridge Girl: Hey Watchung Hills kid can i suck your cock?

Watchung Hills Kid: Nah, i dont want any STDs whore.
by SDSU22 January 26, 2009
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a school in northern jersey joisey in which there is nothing to do. It is filled with wiggers and anime freaks. If you are not itlation you are not cool. If you have any hopes of being popular, you'll be giving head by 8th grade. very random things happen here, such as the asain club handing out chocolate coins with golden tickets. This school consists of four towns, Greenbrook the poorest of the four, Warren obnoxious preps, Watchung upper class snobs, and Longhill sketchiest kids youll ever meet. A large portain of these people go to the Bridgewater mall in hopes in hopes of getting lucky with easy skanks. Also, 75% of the kids in this school smoke weed. This area might seem nice, but it is a piece of crap, and if you decide to raise your kids here they will be screw-ups.
watchung hills is the best school ever
by 123456789012346333 January 26, 2009
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A regional highschool in Somerset Country New Jersey that pretty much lives in the shadow of Ridge High School (the wealthy, not trashy part of Somerset). Many of the students try their best to hookup with students from Ridge in order to make themselves feel slightly less worthless. They play dirty in sports to cover the fact that they suck at them, and many of them go to the mall every friday night to convince themselves of having an exciting social life, when really they're just hitting on trashy strangers (usually from bridgewater or bernardsvlle).
Dude: "Hey bro, did you see that swamp crawling with vermon we just drove by?"

Bro: "No dude, that was just Watchung Hills Regional High School."
by ayer54 January 24, 2009
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