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Small town, not recognized until the Gatsby Salon, were Jerseylicious takes place aired on TV, or the Sonic Drive In opened up.

Lots of shady people go to the IEF(elementary school) park at late hours of the night to have sex, do drugs, drink, etc.
At the high school, kids from that town are called "brookers", beacause the go to WHRHS with other, slightly richer towns.
The kids are really smart. There is a whole section of asians. Not many black kids. People from North Plainfield are starting to come into the town.
ex: Lets go get high in Green Brook at the park!
by mynameisnunyabusiness April 02, 2011
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A very small town in New Jersey. Too small to have its own high school, the students go to neighboring Watchung Hills Regional High School. The people in the town are mostly middle class and white, however the town is expaniding and bringing in more types of people. The town is divided by route 22 and the watchung hills mountains. The upper part of the town on the mountain tends to be richer and better off, as many families live in newer and bigger homes. Most kids are pretty friendly, and many are into sports like baseball. There is an abundance of different styles that can be seen, ranging from preppy, to skater, to white kids who try to dress and act ghetto. Theres not much to do in Green Brook at all. And everyone knows everyone elses business.
I wish I didnt like in Green Brook, there is never anything to do here. Yeah, but atleast we play sports and the girls here are pretty.
by lax guy May 19, 2006
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A shit town full of two faced whores that do drugs and steal everything they can, if you want a bj go to the town and ask any girl or guy and they will give you one and smoke you out just bring a condom you will probably get at least five STD's
hey Andreas want to go to GreenBrook? I just bought condom.
by haoifuioejfcoisjfo ewijifo eds December 15, 2011
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