Watchung or better known as THE CHUNG , is a small town in the mountains of Central Jersey.Eventhough it happens to be a small time we all love our surrounding towns GreenBrook,Longhill, and Warren. Many people may believe that this town is filled with stuck up rich folks. But more then half the town is home to probably the most down to earth, coolest people you will ever meet. They are known for the Sparkling Watchung lake ( People are fooled cause its filled with geese and goose droppings.) They are also known for their signature Watchung Circle. It seems to be true that Watchung is home to the best beer Pong Players and THE WARRIORS.( CHAMPS ). Watchung is a tough town, just remember not to talk garbage about them.
There is a party in Watchung on Friday.
by Csantana October 12, 2007
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Watchung is a small borough smack dab in the center of New Jersey. Its about 45 minutes from Pennsylvania, the beach, and NYC, which makes it the ideal commuting town. Watchung itself tends to be on the mundane side of things, but it's more than a perfect town to grow up in or raise a family because children are forced to explore the town's boundaries. Watchung has become more affluent in the recent years and has seen significant changes both environmentally (destruction of old Best lake) and socially (absorbing of the Crystal Ridge Apartments in Plainfield into the school system). Most will say that Watchung is home to many upper-class yuppie like people, however, many fail to see Watchung's true faces.
If you talk to those who've grown up in Watchung, they will tell you that there's not much in to do in the town besides running through the wooded areas (which are mostly gargantuan houses now), attending REC in the summer (a less than average day camp run by teens at Mobus field), or sneaking out at the wee hours of the night to roam the barren streets.
Riding your bicycle is a popular form of transportation for people of all ages due to the town's small proximity. Phillip's field is home to the town's baseball fields and sees much activity during the Spring little league season.
The people of Watchung pretty much all know eachother, again due to the town's small proximity. It is the smallest sending district that attends Watchung Hills Regional High School, a high school that is made up of 4 towns (Warren, Watchung, Green Brook, and Long Hill). Since Watchung sends the least amount of kids to the high school, most are likely to make friends and associate with children of the surrounding towns. This makes Watchung immune to stereotyping for the most part which is really the best way to describe Watchung due to the fact that it really holds no negative or positive attributes. It is however the best town to throw a party in because even though the Watchung P.D. drives scary looking Dodge Chargers, they do a poor job in breaking up even the largest of get-togethers, and are more understanding than most of the cops in the surrounding towns. (Long Hill)
"Hey man is that kid from Warren?"
"Na yo, he's from Watchung."
"Really? Shit I thought he was from Warren like everyone else."
"Na man."
by cubs1 March 10, 2009
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A terrible town that is too stuck up to recognize the true amazingness of its surrounding towns (Long Hill). They think their town is the greatest but the only things they have is some geese infested lake, an obnoxious traffic circle, and part of some highway.
The Watchung kids are always hating on us millington/long hill kids but they can't handle that our town is better than theirs.
by soy su madre March 2, 2011
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1) A small town in the middle of no-where in Jersey. It is one of the very few towns which has no exit off of either the Parkway or turnpike. Most of the kids here are pretty dull/wiggers/chiggers/anime nerds. Known to outsiders as The Tchung nothing of any importance has ever happened here and nothing enternaing ever will.
2) A place where nothing ever happens or is so distant that most people think it is a figment of someones imagination.
3) Hell on earth.
"Tonight we dine in Watchung!" Leonoidas from 300
by Arken August 4, 2007
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the best town out of the (4) towns . watchung has the hottest girls and coolest guys!!!!
greenbrooke peeps are weird
longhill ppl are sketchy
warren ppl are bitches
watchung is the chillest!!!!!!!

"watchung is the coolest town ever"
"yeah man"
by sexypeep1590 January 25, 2009
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a dead end road in the scp were crackfiends roam around like zombies n shootouts happen in broad daylight

#nj #scp #northward #newark
shit get real in watchung ave
by D Moneyyyy September 25, 2018
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It is a regional highschool with kids from the towns of watchung, warren, greenbrook, and longhill. They basically own at every single sport and beat ridge at everything besides for when basking ridge illegally recruits individuals to their basketball team (cough pitt cough) The kids that go here are usually spoiled and rich; but they are also classy. Something basking ridge people know nothing about. WHRHS is known as the school not to mess with because everytime there is a fight with another school and them they always come up as the victor. Kinda like at the watchung hills vs ridge hockey game in 2008. Warriors knocked out many Red (green?) Devils in the matter of seconds. Watchung Hills runs Somerset County. Everyone is just jealous of them.
Ridge Girl: Hey Watchung Hills kid can i suck your cock?

Watchung Hills Kid: Nah, i dont want any STDs whore.
by SDSU22 January 26, 2009
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