He’s the guy that expects the world but gives zero back.
He wants for nothing unless you’re paying.
He’s out for a deal wherever he can find one.

He’ll stay at with you and your gf but ignore your gf.
He’s tardy with time and expects you to drop plans with your gf to watch him try on suits.

He’ll speak to you once a year (when he wants you get get him something) and make you best man.
by Badbitch4 June 11, 2019
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In the famous lyric by artist Lady Leshurr, "Who stood up when Grenfell? Where's all the money we raised then? Theresa May is a wasteman!"
by JezzaCorb December 06, 2017
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A term often used to describe someone who has: no social life, no job or career prospects, very few friends and doesn't care about their personal appearance.

A Wasteman will often spend most of their time at home watching TV and is very often seen out of the confines of his or hers own home. On the rare occasion they are seen out, it will probably be to buy alcohol or drugs.
Person 1: have you seen Dave lately?

Person 2: nah fam he's always at home smoking pot, he doesn't even have a fuckin job!

Person 1: what a Wasteman!
by Chine February 18, 2016
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British slang for a person who gets intoxicated very frequently, or a person who gets extremely intoxicated. Similar to the term waster.
You such a wasteman bruv, you jus' blaze up all day an' get shitfaced every night!
by cheeky_cunt January 28, 2011
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bunch of peeps that are all basically pricks or wont do someyhing for you when you ask them
oi wastemans, wasgwannin wastemans, oi wastemans keep it shut
by Killer Cartel October 14, 2007
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