An insulting term literally meaning 'waste of space'. It can be used in whatever circumstance to get the message through that you do not hold a very high opinion of somebody.
Janaiya: F***, man, Mr Brennan kept me back after school. Waste man, he is.


Leshay: Ai, man! Don't touch me, you waste man. Nobody likes you.
by Whoremonger April 14, 2008
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when people generally do nothing with their lives, or waste opportunities, get drunk, miss lectures and sit in a bar getting drunk..the word can be futhered by adding a verb to the beggining of it

u incompetent wasteman

u pussy raping wasteman!

by adi solanki March 17, 2008
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Older men who do nothing with their lives. Also known as a waste of space; or wastefran.
A lazy wasteman; someone who had potential to hold a white collared title, but prefers to live like a slum.
by travestyfund December 01, 2013
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A man who hunts women, gathers children and does not provide
'He's just a Waste man'
by Lisa Duxbury November 28, 2007
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waste man , in this case. a boy who fcuks girls over, mainly the entire brampton population.
by fuckklove. August 15, 2008
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Guy named Robert, his girlfriend needs to end it asap, she can do better. He needs to get his life sorted, can’t keep fucking over his girlfriend. Has no life goals and nothing to work towards.
by Ganggganggexposing December 10, 2017
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Jake Paul
Logan Paul
The Sociopath Brothers

Anything related to the cloud chasing goons..

Logan’s new occupation after KSI beat his ass
Wasteman Jake: “I don’t respect no one I don’t know
Wasteman Logan: “I’m gonna be bigger than the rock
by Satyress November 07, 2019
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