Someone who builds and lives their life around doing fuckall or as little as fucking possible. Examples of such behaviour include dropping clubs or classes, treating tutorials as spares, only doing the score sheet one instead of twice, and handing in assignments and labs a week late ever fucking time.
Jose is a fucking wasteman
by jzac May 07, 2019
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A Watse man (wasteman) is a perosn who has become socially intolerable towrads his peers and has become as the name suggests a "Waste". Females taking on a waste mans characteristics are usally known as Waste Gash.

waste men are given this title for various things e.g. steeling from close company,talking about people behind there back's,trying to move towrads a alredy Partnered female etc. The list goes on. (some times people refer to them simply as waste pronounced "wayse" when being short)

The only thing to remember is to never find youself being called one as they usally have no real friends and end up getting jumped or beat up or worse
"Daniel your a waste man for trying to take ma girl"

"Blood your watse" (wayse)

by Professer Thuganomics (Trav) October 04, 2008
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A term often used in Toronto and London. Calling one a 'Wasteman' can be very offensive. Wasteman is basically calling someone a loser.
Yo, hes acting like a real wasteman right now
by MoZHasALargeaz March 17, 2017
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Somebody who is not doing much with their life and through their own fault, not achieved anything.
Max is 46, his parents sold their home to pay for him to go to college, he dropped out of college after the first year. After going from job to job having a problem with every boss, he decided to claim welfare. His benefits arent enough to feed his crystal meth addiction so he steals what little money his parents have left when he goes to visit them. Max used to have friends but he fell out with them as they kept calling him a Wasteman
by T DaWG January 13, 2015
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