Also known as someone who said they will do something and then do jack shit.
Me: Matt, can you get a cake for Paula's birthday for tomorrow?

Matt: Sure, no problem, leave it with me.

The morning of the birthday, WhatsApp from Matt:

Matt: I'm sorry, I totally forgot about the cake, can you sort something out?

by Monsoon Miah August 16, 2018
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Someone who builds and lives their life around doing fuckall or as little as fucking possible. Examples of such behaviour include dropping clubs or classes, treating tutorials as spares, only doing the score sheet one instead of twice, and handing in assignments and labs a week late ever fucking time.
Jose is a fucking wasteman
by jzac May 07, 2019
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Someone who enjoys things that you may not. English slang to be used wherever possible.
"I bet you like celery you wasteman"
by bforbenjamin January 30, 2020
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Someone who wastes your time.
"Miss, this wasteman is waffling, kick him out of class"
by Evryone has namb November 19, 2020
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A boi or a man who is a complate dick head. He is involved in pointless activities and go on as if he is good when he is not!!. You dont even want to be near them
by Fayola September 13, 2006
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