A wasian is someone who has one white parent and one asian (oriental) parent.
I Andrew Lee am a wasian due to the fact that my father is asian and my mother is white.
by andrew li / wasian ninja May 01, 2006
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Wasian- n. "way-sh'jun" 1.) referring to a person with caucasian-asian mixed heritage
Look how gifted that wasian is; he has the European ethno-culturo upper hand, as well as the advantageous minority card!
by Justinianwashere August 09, 2005
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An Asian who acts white and likes white people
Angeli is obsessed with white people. SO much so, that the only Asian she likes is pretty much also white. She is the epitome of Wasian
by dryroastedpeanuts June 06, 2018
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someone consisting of both Asian(oriental) and white (European)decent. wasian's have one white and one asian parent. wasians are the hybrids of the world and have many skills and talents.
my father was born in china and my mother born in Canada, making me wasian.
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wow dude i dont appreciate this shit im halfe white half asain.
by cooper August 06, 2003
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