Half white half Asian. The most beautiful girls in the world are wasian. Everything about them is gorgeous. If u are lucky enough to come across one then don't let them go and become friends with them.
yo look at that girl, she's so beautiful she must be wasian
by katie chan July 27, 2017
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An Asian who acts white and likes white people
Angeli is obsessed with white people. SO much so, that the only Asian she likes is pretty much also white. She is the epitome of Wasian
by dryroastedpeanuts May 16, 2018
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1. One who is of white descent but attempts to imitate Asian culture. Most commenly found among anime/magna geeks. (Much like the word "wigger".)

2. Someone of mixed white and Asian descent.
1. My little brother's obsession with Pokemon not only makes his a tastless, immature, and possibly retarded loser, but also a complete Wasian!

2. A small penis and guarrented chances of sucess in life make Wasian men the diametric opposites of Black dudes.
by Ol Ralphy December 15, 2005
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A person of mixed white and asian decent. Usually a military brat from South Korea or Japan. (i.e. White Father, Asian Mother)

Have you seen the new wasian from overseas? Typical Airforce brat out of Seoul!
by Dr. Skillz December 21, 2005
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White people who act Asian (Boy I see alot of those at my school) They are usually males, they watch Anime, they are ethnically confused sometimes and they drive low-riding "riced-up" honda civics (those things annoy the hell out of me), they eat Ramen, Pocky, choco-pies, and Pho and sometimes they even do bad things like worship Mao Tse-Tung and Ho-Chi-Minh (Commie Bastards) and dress up as Anime characters (eww). I don't hate Wasians, but they sometimes annoy me with their Neo-Maoist beliefs.
I knew a Caucasian friend named Michael, and after he ate pho, joined Asian club and bought a damned Low-rider civic with a little spoiler on it he changed his name to Quan Chi and wore a Mao T-shirt with Chinese print that supports Communistic (moreso Socialistic-Dictatorship) ideals.
by The Harmeister April 21, 2005
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