those goddamned little whities who wish they were asian and know they could never be. They oftne are found in their mothers basments hording a candy like substance called Pokey. Some of these wasians often like to frequent asian markets and buy candy with name they cannot pronouce. they tend to live very short lives if i can help it.
kid: Look mom is that a wasian?

Mother: Yes son look away.

ME:(I fly forth and kill it)

ME: Wahahahahahahaha....a nother one bites the dust bitches!
by Thyra July 28, 2005
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a wannabe wasian; one who would like to be asian but has no true samurai ability.
by samson January 21, 2004
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See Wapanese.
Basically it's a white kid who tries in vain to be more "Asian", but only ends up being the laughingstock of the Asians he desperately tries to imitate.
The Wasian tried to learn Japanese and was seen trying to eat Burger King fries with chopsticks.
by hahaa November 03, 2003
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a mix of white and azn or wannabe asian
white boy drivin a rice rocket who thinks he's azn, but he just a dumbass wasian tryin to be cool
by Ching July 03, 2003
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someone who contains both asian and caucasion ethnicity

some wasians may feel "special" that they are mixed race due to the fact that wasians may have (and most likely) grew up with parents who based their children's identity off the fact that they're "different" for being mixed race, when in reality their parents were not breaking any radical racial norms (or maybe they were; really depends on the circumstances of when you were conceived; not trying to invalidate anyone's experiences )...but in the end, your dad just really wanted that cooch

wasians are also more prone to having a racial identity crisis(as most mixed race people will go through) and the struggle of being too asian for one side and too white for the other (depending on how assimilated/educated the prior generation is)

all in all, being wasian is more a state of mind than it is an ethnic identity. what makes you unique is not based off what race your parents were but rather all the internal qualities that create who you are. wasians are special in the sense that a majority of wasians (at least in america would not exist without the technological and social developments found in the latter half of the 21st century, but as i have stated earlier, the inner qualities of a person are what truly matter

-a fellow waisan
Person: wasians on tiktok be wildin'

Wasian: well our parents raised us that way

Person: oh, what race are you?

Wasian: well my dad's from vietnam and my mom's polish
Person: wow, that's a nice mix
Wasian: please stop

Helen: damn I wish i looked like that waisan on tiktok

Howard, a waisan: Helen, you're literally captain of the debate team and got a 5 on all your ap exams; our societies' hyperfixation on race is indicative of the overall problem of prioritizing outer qualities over inner qualities; while racial inequality and underrepresentation in hollywood are still very legitimate problems, we should not reduce ethnicities to beauty trends
by readerimauledhim May 12, 2020
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