The "Git Gud" Fallacy is when a clearly unfair scenario is written off as nothing more than a skill-gap. The fallacy takes place in cases where an individual is naturally better off (meaning they didn't work to be better off with skill or effort) than the person they're facing up against.

For example:

Individuals (A) and (B) aren't capable of having an income and have $0.00 to their name. Somehow, they become contenders in a yacht-buying contest:

Individual (A) receives no money to buy yachts, but the individual (B) receives 1-billion dollars - no strings attached - to spend on the contest...

Who will have to exert more effort to win: Person (A) with no money, or person (B) with 1-billion dollars?

If you think this sounds unfair, then that's the point.

Now, if someone were to say something like, "Well, person (A) should have made better financial decisions so they could beat person (B)," or "Person (A) should've done this, that, or the other thing," that someone would not only be victim blaming, but they would be ignoring the clearly unfair situation and essentially telling the unfortunate person to "GiT GuD," rather than acknowledging that the match-up was never fair in the first place.
"That character is so OP."

"Nah, you just have to learn to fight against them. They're a noob-destroyer."

"If it takes THAT much more effort and skill to learn to fight against THEM SPECIFICALLY, and no other character takes that much concentration to counter, then don't you think they're just OP?

"Bruhhh, lol... just git gud."

"Don't fall for the Git Gud Fallacy..."

(Oh, and not to get too philosophical, but that gif below is a good example of this fallacy because Spongebob is ironically flexing "git gud" into the muscles he didn't work for.)
by RandomPhail January 12, 2019
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When someone makes an awful joke or references something which no one understands, so the group of lads say "Gud 1 Jan" in order to show that it was incredibly dead banter.
"Why did the console peasant cross the road? To render the buildings on the other side."
"Gud 1 Jan"
by Triforcepsychic December 15, 2016
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A popular term that former vine star And current YouTube and instagram star uses in almost all of his vlogs. This term simply means asking if you are "okay" or "good" when someone does a dumb or stupid action.
Person: I just jumped off of a cliff!
Another Person: U gud bro?
by Ann Onamusss October 29, 2017
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A term commonly used by primitive creatures on Xbox live, depending on available prey.
i.e "yuo fakin suck at titanfall faggit. git gud m8."
by tim blynchek June 20, 2018
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"HAHA Get it so funi!! KEanu reeves wholesome 69 big chungus hahahaha fortnut bed mijecreft gud lololol!!!11😂😂🤣🤣
i am so funi!!!11!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂"

Says that redditard who can't respect games and judge them.
redditard 1: Fotnte bad mc gud hahah!!!! Me funni lololol!!11!
redditard 2:Fortnite - No life guy Minecraft -GODLY GIGACHAD OG
redditard 3: so i grew up with this *water bottle potion* and not this *chug jug*
by ISSDefinitions May 26, 2021
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What Logan Paul say when something feels odd 4 him or he just feelin' it
Logan: R u gud bro?
by Im a Maverick July 18, 2017
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