A study of developing Scarce resources in a society where you want each and everything, probably something you’ll never need in your life unless a Coronavirus Pandemic empties shelves of toilet paper.
Dude what class do you have next?

Arn’t your studying Airplanes tho?
by Planedan123 April 3, 2020
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The study of MAAAA DIIIICK. Since it is so big.
"Hey girl, wanna go back to my apartment to study some macroeconomics?"
by jonah falcon February 16, 2012
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What mega billionaire CEOs say when their business starts losing money because of incompetent decisions during a recession.
I take FULL responsibility for making this decision. But unfortunately 1100 of you have to be laid off because of macroeconomic issues.
by public2 November 12, 2022
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