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when you're so woke that you become angry at the current political state and immense polarization
Sceneable grew wangry when thinking about people who can not distinguish welfare from communism
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by wokesquid April 15, 2017
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Steven Wang when he found out there was a rager at his house and he wasn't invited
Hey man, I'm not just angry right now, I'm WANGRY!
by Stevenwang January 30, 2017
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Portmanteau of "wang" and "angry". Taken to mean 'excessively horny' or 'horny to the point of frustration'. Used whenever horny doesn't quite cut it, given the context.
You wangry bastage! Stay away from my sister!
I haven't been laid in 3 weeks. I'm so damn wangry somebody's 'bout to get hurt!
by Chuka Priest July 18, 2006
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Feeling or showing anger or irritability due to lack of wine
Please pour me a glass of wine, before I get wangry!
by crenergy March 09, 2018
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