the Waltz - noun
to Waltz - verb

1. A dance.

A type of ballroom dance, performed in closed position.
Is usually a slow dance, though some types can be performed to faster paced music.
Characterized by gliding movements.
This dance is very old and pre-dates the 1600's

If you perform the Waltz with your partner (or friend) then one of the following is likely to be the case:
- You are of high class
- You are extremely rich
- You and your partner are very much in love
- You and your friend are making other people jealous
- If you are a woman; You are dancing with a gentleman
- If you are a man; You are dancing with a lady

2. A form of music

3. In alternate verb form, to walk around the place as if you own it (bonus points if you do actually own it).
People will think you are a prick if you do this, which is all the more reason to do it.
1. It's a dance. No examples here....

2. The following songs are 20th Century Waltzes:
- Friends and Lovers (Both to Each Other)
- At This Moment
- Three Times a Lady

- Take It to the Limit
- Time in a Bottle
Look em up

A: Look at that fucking cunt Waltzing around like he owns the place!
B: What a twat, sucks even more how he does actually own this place!

A&B continue to be pissed off for hours on end.
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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To walk and/or act in an openly casual and self-confident (or self-IMPORTANT!) manner, causing irritation and/or resentment in others from your pert attitude; especially when:

(A) your arrival was unannounced/unexpected, and so those present were not prepared to conveniently receive or assist you, or

(B) you lack or did not bestir yourself to obtain the usually-expected experience, paperwork, preparations, credential-references, etc. for your requests to be reasonably fulfilled. or

(C) you have behaved/performed poorly in the past regarding matters similar to what you presently have in mind, and so your would-be providers are none too confident or eager to fulfill your requests.
Bank loan officer (crossly), "You know, you've got SOME NERVE waltzing in here asking for a loan --- three years ago we loaned you a million dollars to look for oil, and you didn't find a drop!"
Oil prospector (casually): "Could have been worse."
Bank loan officer (raising his eyebrows in annoyance): "And then two years ago we loaned you three million dollars to drill for oil, and you came up with nuthin' but dry holes that time, too!"
Oil prospector (shrugging): "Could have been worse."
Bank loan officer (giving a snort under his breath and beginning to twitch angrily): "And then last year we loaned you TEN million dollars to do more prospecting, and you STILL couldn't find any oil!"
Oil prospector (still as sunny and flippant as ever): "Could have been worse."
Bank loan officer (finally blowing his stack): "Why do you keep saying 'it could have been worse'?! We've lost nearly FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS through you!"
Oil prospector (smugly): "Could have been my money."
by QuacksO October 2, 2011
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When you skeet all over a girls chin really slowly like your doing the waltz.
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007
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V. 1. Having physically inflicted heavy damage upon. Physically destroyed, clobbered, or assaulted. (Most often used literally, not figuratively)
"If I find out who stole my wallet, their ass is as good as waltzed, no questions asked!"

"Yesterday I saw this girl get her lil' ass waltzed by her drunk-ass husband. I wanted to go help her, but shit, her husband is a big motherfucker!"
by Eazyazamp49er January 24, 2012
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When a conversation is hijacked by someone who then completely changes the topic.

First observed on the Dailygammon Forum
A person post a message on the Dailygammon forum.

Walt (not his real name) replies to the topic and yet within 3 posts is talking about brunette wife #3, a motorbike, Corvette, or guitar. Or all of them!

This conversation has now been waltzed.
by There is only one Amber October 20, 2010
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The physical manifestation of sex, drugs and rock and roll in a person or persons.
"Dude, I got some coke, barely any cut, let's take it to Joan's house and do the waltz!"

"Man, everyone at the concert was getting their waltz on."
by Smokestack420 February 22, 2010
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