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To be a total wallace. To be slovenly and drunk. People commonly wallace when they admit that they are neither a "demon toke-head" nor a "raging alcoholic". To wallace is to be so badly drunk that it is hard to move, and one ends up in unknown places.
"Man, I got soooo Wallaced on Monday"

"Dude, stop wallacing"
by dhumed May 16, 2009
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1)to get extremely drunk

2)someone being sloppy
"damn were gonna get so wallaced tonight"

"did you see that girl the other night? she was super wallaced all over me"
by bettycrockaballablocka April 28, 2008
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1.Past tense. To Wallace an object or environment is to
reduce the status of it to a less than operational condition. To ruin or otherwise make something useless. Mostly due to overly sloppy behavior.
I hope my car isn't too wallaced after tagging that stop sign last night.
by Dasbrown65 July 30, 2016
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Past tense. To Wallace.
1.Verb. To damage or otherwise make an object less than functional or operational.
2.Verb. To bring the temperature of an atmosphere to an oppressive level of heat and still think it is lacking warmth.
3.Noun. When an object is in an inoperable condition.
I hope the car isn't wallaced too bad....Where do you keep getting wallaced from. You know to leave something broken and can't fix it, wallaced.
by Dasbrown65 August 03, 2016
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